Marco Robinson


CEO / Co-Founder of Create Demand, launching InstaXplosion

  • Entrepreneur of the Year & Award Winning Business Coach
  • Knighted for Charity in Common Wealth
  • #1 Bestselling Author
  • Top #2 Netflix Producer & Actor of the Multi Award Winning Movie “Legacy of Lies”
  • Prime Time TV creator of the Channel 4 hit “Get a house for free”

Si Hearn


CTO / Co-Founder of Create Demand & InstaXplosion Creator

  • Conversational Marketing & Automation Specialist
  • Manychat Messenger Marketing Expert and Agency Partner
  • Apple developer
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified
  • Funnelytics Certified Agency

Jacqui Branagan


COO / Co-Founder of Create Demand, launching InstaXplosion

  • Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur
  • Microsoft Award Winner for Innovation
  • Female Founders Global Consultant & Forum Leader
  • Public Speaker
  • Former Corporate Global Contracts Manager

Our story

When great minds meet with a different set of ideas and experience yet a common objective, great things can happen, innovation can take a new direction and create a whole new opportunity for a new SAAS company called Create Demand who are launching their first product, InstaXplosion.

The great Peter Thiel called this “Zero to One” in his bestselling book. Zero to One is when a brand new business opportunity is created that is far greater than the sum of the parts.
Sir Marco Robinson, (Co-Founder & CEO), met Simon Hearn (Co-Founder & CTO), at the height of the 2020 Pandemic with a common interest in the new technology of message and chat bot automation.

On seeing the great work Simon was doing on comment automation, Simon also revealed he could build a reward system that Marco’s users and new followers could access and earn points for comments and mentions.
Marco had previously won Entrepreneur of the Year for creating a Vacation Incentive Company deep in the recession of 2008, which helped companies of all sizes, including huge brands, such as Citibank, Nikon Cameras, Ikea, BMW, Mercedes to name a few, increase their sales dramatically by being able to give their clients free vacations for buying their products and services.

Marco was able to acquire those vacations very cheaply in bulk from unused hotel rooms years in advance, rooms that would never have been booked through normal channels. This helped the hotels fill normally unwanted rooms with guests that would spend in their hotels, especially food and beverage, as they were not getting a room bill on checkout, which completely revolutionized the corporate incentive industry.

Simon Hearn delivered the rewards program spectacularly and InstaXplosion was born to help billions of Instagram users grow their brand and following. So, very quickly, Marco and Simon decided to start a new company to offer a brand new Reward and Loyalty Program powered by Instagram, to a broader market. To head operations Both Simon and Marco knew they would need a formidable leader to ensure the deliverables of InstaXplosion were rolled out seamlessly.

They looked no further than Jacquie Branagan, (Co-Founder & COO), a serial award winning Entrepreneur with a rich experience of reaching a global audience. First as a European & Global Contracts Manager with Hewlett Packard and then during her 20yrs in Entrepreneurship, having been awarded at an Irish Governments Enterprise Awards, the Microsoft Award for Innovation.

In 2020 Technology utility exploded during this time to such a degree that millions of people will never go back to the workplace. Many are now happily working remotely with greater productivity with  many people on the way to leaving the workplace forever.

The use of social media platforms to successfully showcase your brand and convert traffic into real sales is now a hugely successful reality in all our lives.