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What is the InstaXplosion Rewards & Loyalty Program?

InstaXplosion is a brand new revolutionary Instagram Approved Automated Rewards Program. For the first time ever your followers can earn points every time they comment on your posts and will be replied to automatically on every comment with a variety of pre-programmed emoji’s and text.

Additionally every time they mention you in their IG stories and share your post they will also EARN points. They will be notified in their DM’s as our system will thank them on their comment and/or share with a direct message to their inbox and a notification of the points they have earned. They will also receive a push notification to their phone notifications section . The screen will show a notification which will inform them of the points they have earned.

Users can keep track of their points through a proprietary Loyalty Card technology. The loyalty card can be downloaded into their phone wallets.

REWARDS – Users can view what rewards are available at any time in their IG direct message inbox by typing “REWARDS”. This will show them what products and services are available to redeem and these include free books, masterclasses on a wide variety of subjects, subsidised Vacations, (up to 90% off). Owners can also choose to place their own products and services into their plan and white label the product and service rewards that come included into the InstaXplosion packages.

InstaXplosion Account holders can also notify their users of any events or announcements through PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to the individuals phone. This a revolutionary new tech that allows you to reach your customers far more effectively and instantly. InstaXplosion also hosts a CRM system that collects their email address using the Manychat Facebook and Instagram Approved platform.

How can this program help me and my business?

The Instagram Algorythm is notoriously difficult to reach your target market through content publishing without using expensive advertising costs and even then you are not truly engaging with your audience.

Engaging with your followers is essential to build a strong community that convert into sales.

REWARDING your followers to engage with you builds a more active loyal database of subscribers that are more emotionally connected to you. They anticipate every post, you increase your engagement rates significantly (latest statistics show an increase of up to 50%) and far more of your followers are able to sample your products like never before without relying on expensive advertising to attract your audience.

When your audience joins your loyalty program they are able to continually claim rewards at no cost to you, yet because of our white label option, they will perceive you are rewarding them directly.

You will also be able to keep in constant contact with your database as you will now have their email addresses and you will able to push notify them of your activity. Never before has this option been available using Instagram. Chasing followers through DM’s and producing content constantly no matter how creative you are is time consuming and expensive and has no guarantee of improving engagement and ultimately sales.

When your followers can EARN points from you to even redeem for Vacations they see a high perceived value return from you for their time. These vacations can be white labelled to your brand, so an emotional feel good connection is formed.

When they are taking their vacation they will think in gratitude how they earned tat holiday, trough your brand!

How Can I Change My InstaXplosion Subscription Plan?

You can upgrade your plan at anytime by going to the PLANS section and clicking the plan you want to upgrade to.

Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

You can cancel your account with us at anytime. Any cancellations ave a 30 day cancellation cooling off period.