You can now REWARD your followers with points they can redeem for high value products and services at no cost to you.

When you join InstaXplosion (™) you can install your new loyalty and rewards program fully approved by Instagram using the Manychat (™) platform.

As soon as you install it into your own Instagram account you will be able to reward your followers every time they comment and mention with points they can redeem for high value products and services including but not limited to Books, Masterclasses, Restaurant, retail and e-commerce discounts and even Vacations by up to a 90% cheaper rate.

How to Redeem Points?

The points amount they need to redeem their points for the products and services on offer can be accessed at any time by them typing the word “REWARDS” inside their Instagram DM inbox from your account.

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This card keeps track of their earned points and sends them an automated message every time they comment on your posts or mention you and automatically updates their new accumulated points total.

Redeem Your Rewards

Check out the ways you can reward your followers.

7-day Luxury Vacations

Choose from hundreds of destinations in the most beautiful resorts across North America and the Caribbean.

2-day Masterclasses & Travel

$$$ worth of prizes will be offered with the masterclasses, PLUS free mentoring from award-winning entrepreneurs to take your business into the real world.

How anyone can build a 7-figure Property Empire

A full day workshop that will show you how to climb the ladder with InstaXplosion rewards Program.

upgrade Your Vacations

Earn $ to upgrade your travel. Our fabulous NEW online program provides the chance to upgrade your trip and enjoy incredible and uniquely rewarding benefits.

The Award Winning Naked Restaurant for Two

Save up to XXXX through the InstaXplosion Reward Program on our award-winning cuisine.

Books & Contests

Get points towards bestseller books and get a free entry into contests.

Spa Weekend

Elegant atmosphere, fine cuisine, excellence in service and a range of pampering options that will satisfy the most discerning tastes.

7-Night Family Holiday Vacation

InstaXplosion Rewards Program brings you exclusive savings by offering a whole world of choice for you and your family in self-contained apartment and hotel units with major savings.

Gold Shopping & Experience Rewards

Exclusive Member disconts in multiple brick and mortar and online stores.

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Businesses chose InstaXplosion to grow

“Exactly what we needed to differentiate ourselves and tell the market…We’re back!! And it doubled our anticipated volume of sales.”

Noormalah Othman, Sapura


“The campaign worked very well and we exceeded our planned numbers. Customers are very excited about the gifts and it created a great opening line for our sales guys to approach customers. We’re re-ordering to meet the extra numbers that came in”

Vice President, Mortgages


“Based on the success of our first campaign in Sept, we have to keep using these incentives, it would be crazy not too”

Marc Fung, Sales Marketing Manager